Talmudist Marxist communist links to Nelson Mandela

Oh… hum…. this is quite shocking (well it was, for me). Many of you will not be surprised at all! This is a quote from Mike Smith: [my emphasis added]

…on the 11th of July 1963, a week before Nelson Mandela’s birthday, the police arrested a string of top Communists and ANC members on Lilliesleaf Farm, Rivonia, North of Johannesburg.

They were manufacturing bombs and planning the violent overthrow of South Africa that would have lead to an invasion by foreign communist forces.

The shocking details of this evil plot called Operation Mayibuye (A Zulu word meaning, let it return, as in let the country return to the blacks), the brainchild of Arthur Goldreich, came out during the trial and are extremely well documented in the book “Rivonia Unmasked” – Lauritz Strydom available at Ostara Publications

The Rivonia trial was open to the scrutiny and criticism of the media of the world and highly regarded as a fair trial…[…]

The goal of Operation Mayibuye was to unleash 7000 armed and trained Marxist terrorist onto the country, who would then recruit more members and launch sabotage and terror campaigns murdering millions of white people including blacks suspected of being collaborators or informers to the white government. The country would then be plunged into chaos and under these conditions several communist countries would invade South Africa.

Mandela and his co-conspirators were sent to life imprisonment by Judge Quartus de Wet, judge-president of the high court of the Transvaal. The judge said that they were actually guilty of high treason for which the punishment would have been the death penalty (by hanging) , but because the state prosecutor, Percy Yutar did not prosecute them for high treason, rather the four lesser charges of sabotage, conspiracy to commit sabotage, recruiting and training terrorists and soliciting funds from communist countries for a terrorist onslaught against the country, they got life in prison.

On page 89 of “Rivonia Unmasked” it says “The State had elected, ‘for reasons which need not be detailed here’, to indict the accused on counts of sabotage; but in reality, Dr Yutar declared, the case was a classical instance of high treason.”

Dr. Yutar, for some or other reason decided that high treason would have been too difficult to prove and rather pursued the lesser charges of sabotage, etc.

In Rivonia unmasked, Dr. Yutar said himself that the documents seized and produced as evidence was enough to get a conviction. He also had more than 200 people he could call as witnesses. Yutar also said that the munitions and weapons found were enough to blow up a city the size of Johannesburg.
As an excellent lawyer he would have had no problem to get the high treason conviction.

Problem was that of the 19 arrested, Goldberg, Bernstein, Hepple, Wolpe, Kantor and Goldreich were Jews, Kathrada and Nair were Indian, and Sisulu, Mbeki, Motsoaledi and Mhlaba were Xhosa, while Walter Sisulu had a Xhosa mother and a white father.

If they were all convicted of high treason, Dr Percy Yutar, a Jew himself, would have sent six fellow Jews to the gallows and the National Party of South Africa would have hanged six Jews which would have been a PR disaster and would have caused an outcry and possible accusations of “Nazism” against the SA government. (source)

So a Marxist plot, started by a Jew (Talmudist), they get caught but are not tried and sentenced for the crime they actually committed because of blatant pro-semitism (which is a form of racism in itself).

This operation and it’s intended aim was to wipe out whites in South Africa. The ANC government today is COMMUNIST, do you think that Communism can ever be pro-white or even simply pro-humanity?

Communism is the devil’s politics.

God Bless you



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  1. The Doctor was a Jew himself…

    Very interesting.Rarely do we ever find this Jewish delimma. Cough.Cough.

    My studies of Scottish southerners who wore the kilt at the battle of Shiloh, (April 6 and 7, 1862-and other battles) was interrupted by the discovery of Jewish commanders who did not surrender during conflicts but continued their retreat until the enemy- led by other Jewish commanders- were brought right into secret lairs and tunnels, pathways and safeways unmolested. As usual, a ” surprise” attack on the union forces by Confederates this bloody April morn was no surprise to Useless Grant, and I do mean USELESS, who was at the ” hornets nest” waiting for the ” surprise”.
    How was the surprise compromised?
    Ask any sunny day Christian that and watch them look down sanctimoniously and mumble some apology for having no answer.
    Ask me, a bible thumping bigot, and I will say this: The Confederate Secretary of State was a Jew named Judah Benjamin.
    He fled to the UK after the war of Northern aggression, IN 1865 and I bet you 100 to 1 the Jewish history books will not tell you the real reason he fled;But I will tell you!

    He fled because treason was right on his coattails.

    Like the modern day Jew Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State under Richard Nixon, and right hand man of David Rockefeller* he ( Judah Benjamin was a snake…viper…The kind found in Genesis 3:15.)

    * In THE WHITE HOUSE YEARS, a book by Kissinger, he informs the reader that Rockefeller loaned him his own private jet for Mr.K’s Honeymoon.

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