Talmudic witchcraft medicine

The Talmud contains some very revealing passages regarding truly witchcraft-like (it IS witchcraft) medicines and potions for illness. What is also interesting is how they also often seem to have a sexual or carnal connection. You’ll see what I mean when you read these passages: (Link)

talmud disease
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Excerpt: “For chronic heat stroke he should bring a black hen and tear it lengthwise and crosswise and shave the middle of his head and put the bird on it, and leave it there till it sticks fast, and then he should go down [to the river] and stand in water up to his neck till he is quite faint, and then he should swim out and sit down.”

talmud disease 2
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Excerpt: “To make the flesh close he should bring dust from the shadow of a privy and knead it with honey and eat.”

talmud disease 3.jpg
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Excerpt: “Or again he can take a purple thread which has been spun by a woman of ill repute or the daughter of a woman of ill repute and hang it on the membrum of a man or the breasts of a woman.”

This is witchcraft. Plain and simple.

There is NOTHING in this which is suited to those who keep God’s Law. This is plain wrong! This is where the Talmudists have gone wrong.

Please pray for them – they need it.

To all the chapters of Elizabeth Dilling’s book of analysis of the Talmud and see exhibits as above, visit this Link

God Bless you



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