Occult opening ceremony for Swiss tunnel – and a warning!

This is very creepy, but it’s a bit of a must see, because you need to know just what evils ‘they’ are up to.

Watch it, I urge you, it’ll give you some real clarity as to the openness of the evil that is going on.

This opening ceremony was on the 1st June.

Now for the warning – Monday is 6/6/16

A more occult date it would be hard to find! It combines the 666 of the number of the beast with the other number sometimes claimed by some to be the number of the beast – 616.

I suspect that something is planned for this date, so please pray against that.

Speak crop failure into the works of darkness every day, but especially in the run up to Monday. I think there will otherwise be some new false flag attack – which is really an attack on our minds and emotions.

God Bless you