The prophet ‘Siener’ van Rensburg – MUST WATCH

Nicolaas ‘Siener’ (which means ‘Seer’) van Rensburg is someone who I had never heard of until last night. This man, was, I believe, a true prophet, as so many of his prophecies have come true. Please watch.




I think, whenever this video was made, they were slightly off in their predictions over the three sickles over Europe. This is going to be Turkey/Syria (the refugees were in Turkey before they were purged from the UN camps and into Europe), it will be possibly Albania, which is majority muslim and busy scurrying over Europe to rape women and steal our money. It is also the Africans, many of which are also Muslim. A sickle could also mean communism… it’s only perhaps with hindsight we shall know for sure.

This prophecy is good news for South Africa, but only in the long-term – I thank God for it, but it’s going to get very much worse before it gets better, and we in Europe must be vigilant, because this judgement of God’s people is now. If you want to get right with God and protect you and yours, as Siener was protected during battle, even though unarmed, you will need to walk in His ways. I commend to you Joseph Dumond’s videos on the curses: Link

For more on Siener’s prophecies use the links below, the first is the short version, and the second gives a lot more detail.

God Bless you