Controversy ahead – MUST READ

Are you nice? I’m sure you are – in fact you’re probably a total sweetheart. If you love God, it tends to make you into a nicer, more compassionate person. As my dear friend said to me yesterday, some churches have taken their compassion to the point where they have denied the truth (in the case of our conversation this related to whether homosexuality is a sin), and embraced sinners without any acknowledgement of their sin as sin! Yikes!

Well what is happening in Europe is a similar kind of ‘kidnap of conscience’ – it’s easy to be told to be nice. It’s easy to be reasoned with beyond the point of REASON! God says ‘lean not on your own understanding’ – very important. In the case of the migrant crisis I want to say that your gut is probably closer to the truth of the matter than your mind right now.

So I’m going to ask you a question. This is where the controversy is.

If another country was invading your country by boat, would you mourn those who were lost at sea in the attempt? Surely you’d petition your government to get out there with gunships and strafe their vessels with gunfire. If you were moved sufficient to rescue those who were in the water, you’d intern or deport them, at the very least, and probably more likely keep them as prisoners of war.

Yet we are being bombarded with images of dead children – the press is concerning us with the children of our enemies, and make no mistake these invaders are our enemies, they have not come here to be like us, but to make us like them. To rape white women (genocide) and take our money. They don’t want our prosperity, they want our wealth. They have not come to find a good job and contribute, but to steal our wealth (in fact have it given to them on a silver platter by our traitorous and treasonous governments).

So let us remember when we read that 2,500 invaders have been lost at sea, that this , even this, has not deterred one muslim or one black from Africa from taking their children on a boat in the same way, risking their lives.


I remember a year or two back reading a piece written by a muslim woman who said she was happy to use her children as a human shield knowing that our compassion would prevent us from shooting her if she had her child in front of her, and if they did shoot her child, well, she’d just have another. No compassion – these people are NOT LIKE US, and must be KEPT OUT of our precious Europe. Let us not make the same mistake South Africa made, and let us not, worst of all, suffer as we forced them to suffer, through sanctions for their apartheid, which they needed to keep order in their country.

I have so recently woken up to this, and it is no coincidence that South Africa should be pressed so hard on my heart that I have wept, and continue to, for their people.

On a happier note, I’ll share a prophet in the next post – good news for South Africa, if not for us, and if not for now.

God Bless you