The duties of the ‘duped generation’

Try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine…

So let me define who exactly the duped generation are. I am talking about those of us like Ann, Stefan Molyneux’s guest on his show which I shared last week here: Link

She, like me, woke up too late, too broken, too damaged from mistakes we were egged on into by our ‘peers’ (really snake-oil salesmen in disguise, mostly in the media, and many in the film industry – social engineers who wanted us just where we are now – alone and childless).

I can’t, and won’t try to speak for men who have found themselves similarly duped, who are single and childless – I can’t speak to that as I don’t know what it’s like for them.

For me, I have to work out what my duties are.

And I mean duties, because I’m awake now, as they must surely have known I would be by now. They must have known that the lie could only be stretched so far over the chasm it created.

I don’t have any answers here, by the way – I wouldn’t have the temerity to tell you what you should do, or Ann, for that matter. I’m just trying to figure a few things out here.

I’m going to be 45 this year. Fertility is dubious to say the least, and I am unhappily single. What difference can I make to this coming diabolical shift which I know has been planned long ago by the devil himself? The shift I’m referring to is the changing of my country from a white majority to a white minority by 2060. (source)

I would advise any woman in my shoes but younger to find a reliable husband a.s.a.p. and have children, but for me that doesn’t look like it’s an option. So I can only come to the conclusion that it’s my duty to encourage every woman I meet to get on with finding a suitable husband and have as many white babies as possible before it’s too late.

Interestingly from what Stefan said in that show, girls without Dads are pre-programmed to seek sex younger, and this is to have more kids because men are scarce so it must mean war etc. He says that as rabbits have predators they have lots of children, and put very little into their upbringing. It’s been shown elsewhere that where rats have no predators they have fewer children. You would have thought with the predation humanity is under right now that we’d all be popping out sprogs like billy-o. But we’re not. In fact the effect is the very opposite.

When faced with oppression, friends of mine say they REGRET having children! They will be telling theirs to have NONE! This is absolutely the OPPOSITE of what we need to do. The utter opposite of how nature responds, yet we have got our ‘unnatural’ nature (birth control/abortion etc.) down to such a fine art that we seem to think that we have a DUTY to have no children because the world is so awful . We should be doing the opposite, and as fast as we can.

Whatever my options are to influence the situation and my circle and their children you can be sure I will try my best. It’s all I have left, short of stripping down to become some latter-day Boudicca, and I don’t think I have the temperament for that! 😉


What are your thoughts on what those who have been fooled, as I was, and as Ann was, into an effective cul-de-sac, should do? What about guys out there who have ‘given up on relationships with women’ I read a lot about this, yet what do you think your duties should be to reverse the social engineering and the decline of your race?

If you are awake now, surely it’s time to decide to stand up and speak out!

God Bless you



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