South Africa mention gets censored again by the Daily Mail


I keep trying, but it’s like this:

don't mention the war
Don’t mention the war!

Yes, we must not mention it, reasons the UK media, but why?

Why can South Africa not be mentioned. I wrote this comment on an article about the Swedish report which blamed Swedish culture for the rape attacks and violence against whites from the migrants they have let in. (Yes, they really are blaming the victims).


But no, this comment has not appeared, even though I left out the word ‘genocide’ this time.

No, South Africa is the test bed, and the f*cking press know it (excuse me swearing but I am so angry about this!). The press are complicit in genocide of the white race, and are hiding the first of the victims so that we cannot know, and cannot prepare ourselves accordingly.

I am glad you found this blog today, if you are new here. Get ready, because a global communist take-over requires the deaths of Christians and whites. Without that there will be resistance. We must resist NOW, and SPEAK UP!

Please share this post, and all my posts on South Africa with any white friends you know who haven’t woken up yet – this bee in my bonnet is not going away, and I suspect it won’t for a long, long time to come.


God Bless you


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