More Evidence Supporting The “Men Invade, Women Invite” Theory Of Geopolitics

Chateau Heartiste

Female suffrage was a big mistake, part infinity in a series.

Austria had an election recently, pitting a nationalist, immigration restrictionist patriot (Hofer) against a globalist, open borders nutjob (Van der Bellen). The vote results confirm a pattern seen all over the Western world: White women are voting in the shitlib traitors who will drown White nations in a polluted sea of third world misery.

hofermenMen invade, women invite. Right now, White women — especially over-educated White women — have the West’s power structures by the balls, gleefully cutting them off and handing them to migrants, invaders, refugees and general admission Diversity for display in their conquerors’ trophy cases. White men have responded by… well, until the Trumpening struck fear in the hearts of the West’s enemies, throwing up their hands and retreating to pr0n, opioids, and video games.

Trump is the West’s last, best, chance to turn…

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4 thoughts on “More Evidence Supporting The “Men Invade, Women Invite” Theory Of Geopolitics”

  1. Women seem to vote for the “bad boyfriend” types who say “baby, I just need more TIME” (0bam@) instead of the solid, provider types. Women should vote like a man – with their brains! You gotta hear Trump reading the ‘snake’ poem… 👋👋👋


    1. I’ll look out for it, thanks Janet. I agree – and this is why women were better off when father or older brother had some say in their views, and were respected by wives and daughters as if their judgement meant something. Today women in the media sneer at men, and even accuse them of ‘mansplaining’ as if what comes out of a man’s mouth is to be derided. 😦

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      1. I looked into this a while back and without the women’s vote (specifically the single women’s vote) we would not have reelected either Slick Willie Clinton (not a good record with women or as a husband) OR Barack 0bam@ who doubled the U.S. debt (even though he campaigned against G.W.B’s abuses of power and debt spending – he just made all of them 10 times worse).


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