Creepy, freaky perverts get a slot on prime-time TV

So just when you thought transracial wasn’t a thing, and then it was, and now the transgender perverts charter for bathrooms in the US has become another thing for real people to worry about (because you know it’s all about letting perverts do things you INSTINCTIVELY know are wrong), we have rubber suited sickos wearing dog suits. (Source)

perverted puppy

These are gimps. Let me be clear here, these are GIMPS. They are not interested in the slightest in being dogs. They are wearing pervert friendly rubber gimp suits – this is a sexual perversion. Just one more being given prime time TV airtime:

perverted puppy 2

I mean – WHAT? This is a grown man, on TV in front of the whole country dressed in a rubber dog suit. Here are his pervert mates:

perverted puppies

Trust me this isn’t just perversion this is an invitation. This invitation is to the demonic realm to come and whisper to those who haven’t entered through the gates of Gehenna just yet. They’re hanging about in the entrance, watching the perverted show inside. They will start to burn with lust, and they will have whispered to them, by demons, the very things that will entice them through into Gehenna where they will be so insatiable for their perversion that they will even go so far as to proclaim it to the world like these men are now. If only they could see themselves as we see them.

Sickening FILTH!

God Bless you