Resolutely dedicated to staying asleep under the power of Morpheus

Ugh. Poppies – yes another ‘blutenmeer’ (sea of blood), this time for the Chelsea Flower Show – let’s remember the dead by displaying the red poppy – symbol of sleep.

just in time.jpg

This installation from 2014 has the same theme, with china flowers, and it was called ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’, and it’s really rather creepy: (source)


Yes, let us stay asleep; while the homeless huddle in doorways, and the elites plot, let us never forget: (source)

for it to happen again

The media keep WWI and WWII constantly in our minds. I’m noticing more hark-backs now, too, to the poverty of Britain in the 60’s – lots of images to prepare us for this all to happen again.

So let’s spend money, time and effort worshipping Morpheus through his symbol of sleep, the poppy, and let us not, for one moment, break our contract to sleep while we, and our country, are taken into the gaping maw of a fresh world war. Read more by clicking the link below:

The truth behind Remembrance Day

God Bless you



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