An apology, and a warning

I want to apologise to the members of my lovely, clever, hard-working white race, for believing the lies I was told about over-population (which is a myth), and the lies of ’empowerment’ and a ‘career’ that I was sold, as a woman, in order to distract me from the ticking clock of my fertility. I am sorry that I listened to the gay male friends of my youth, who told me that if a woman wants to have sex, she can get sex (and I hence discovered that yes, I was a seductress!). Living that life, even briefly, was so destructive for me, because not only did I get my heart broken, but I also didn’t get the relationship I craved – I didn’t get to have the children I had been told over and over in so many Hollywood films, were ‘optional’, and yet were part of God’s plan for (almost) every woman. And all that before God showed me that He is real!

So if you’re reading this, you’re white, and you have a white husband – get breeding. Run, don’t walk, to the bedroom (if you must have comfort 😉 ) and get on with saving our race before it’s too late.

Friends of mine who aren’t Christian, who see the world through the world’s glasses tell me they ‘regret’ having children – because of the way the media has trained them they believe themselves to be HELPLESS, when indeed what we must do is breed – build back our race, and re-take this European continent from Islam, from the Somalian rapists.

A radical message? Yes, too true – and only God will allow or enable that recovery if He knows that we are in obedience to Him and His law.

Let’s look for a moment at South Africa, again. The whites there who are awake are preparing for WAR. They are just 9% of the population. They know they will LITERALLY have to fight for their lives, because genocide is being effected on them in stages. They are prepared to fight and die for their country.

The blog I’ve been reading has some interesting commenters (some of whom may seem offensive to you, but sadly I suspect they may have their reasons for speaking as they do!):


The truth hurts but hurts more is the liberal who refuses to open his eyes, not only does he hurt himself but he hurts his own community, his own people. This corrupt seed gives birth to weeds which overtake it and the garden.

But thou shalt utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee:

There is but one law! We know these people are from these people, you can trace them back.

Know for a certainty that the LORD your God will no more drive out any of these nations from before you; but they shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish from off this good land which the LORD your God hath given you.

The entire problem from day one was that our forefathers relied on these people.

How anyone can employ a black, when they openly support taking the land, getting rid of whites, support an organisation that speaks about killing whites, shooting whites….

I dont know, they will not learn. Today they want to share our rooms, tomorrow they will kick us out and once kicked out, then it will be time to kick us out the land.

It says so in the verse above, you can see it, this is their plan.

We have mingled with the heathen, we have refused to listen – the most devout black Christians have I met, ALL practice spiritualism and ancestry worship – there are NO black Christians in this country who when in a time of trouble, a time of need, will not go see a sangoma.

Therefore there can never be peace, the guidance they seek from the spiritual world are those from old renown. They guide them to get rid of the Lords people, these Spirits that afflict & oppress.

To cut my lawn, clean my house, do my own thing takes me on average about 3 hrs every two weeks. Cleaning the garden means turning of that shit television & moving your body.

It also means I dont have burnt T-shirts, shiny burnt jeans, shrunken shirts, bleach marks on black clothes. Nee man, get rid of these things.

You have time to think when you clean, there is nothing more therapeutic than cleaning your house as it stills the mind – it is for me at least like a form of meditation – I look forward to it. I get insights into things and complex problems seem to fade away – the sweat of your brow will make you give thanks for what you have – you also see holes in your security at home when doing this yourself.” (source)

There is only one point missing from this that must be understood (and I commend to you the post this comment came from – it will open your eyes to what having your enemies strengthened really means!) – South African whites have failed, as have we all, to KEEP THE LAW, and are therefore under the curses of the LAW. In order to have God’s blessings we MUST KEEP THE LAW as Yeshua did! This is so tragic – so tragic for us whites, because at this time when Christianity is being persecuted world-wide, we can now also, surely, see that whites are also under attack as never before. ‘Whiteness’ is a thing now – and derogatory in a way that we cannot grasp, having been brought up to believe that racism is evil!

I never, ever felt, nor was taught, growing up, that there was anything special about the white race – I would never have told you that I thought there was either! Yet now, with Christianity and ‘Whiteness’ the two most major forms of discrimination we see, I have to wonder if there isn’t something special to God about this race of mine? Perhaps I am wrong, and of course we know that a natural branch can be broken off, and that a another branch can be grafted in – there will be (and are) grafted in Christians from ALL nations. But why the anti-white rhetoric – the abuse of power to try to coerce whites into thinking miscegenation is a good thing. It’s disastrous!

I have never seen the level of abuse of power AGAINST white middle- and working class folks the way I have this last year or so – this is how fast the tide is turning. This is a planned action to weaken the white race further.

Let me also add here, as a final point which has just occurred to me. Hollywood is deemed to be ‘so’ white, yes? Why is this? Because the message they send out – the filth they portray as ‘normal’ and the mindset they wish to inculcate into their viewers is AIMED at the white race. Do you think other ethnicities have had this level of bombardment in their own ethnicity media? Perhaps you can enlighten me if I’m missing the point here.

God Bless you