Nancy Pelosi – does she know something about the potential for vote rigging?

Hmmm – what an interesting little video this is…

What do you think of that then? She ‘guarantees’ that Trump won’t be President? That is only possible if she’s confessing to KNOWING that the vote will be rigged, surely! Perhaps this quote from Stalin applies here:


I think if Trump doesn’t get in, a civil war will be started – maybe that’s their plan? I don’t know.

But what I want to share here is a little snippet I’ve not had the chance to share before.

Nancy Pelosi has what is known as Yang Sanpaku eye.

Whaty what what?

Take a quick look at the chart below:


The degree to which the white of the eye shows when someone is looking ahead is a sign of their state of wellbeing. Yin Sanpaku is the top four – the white of the eye shows decidedly between the pupil of the eye and the lower eyelid. The last one is the one to pay attention to – the whites are visible above and to the sides of the pupil. Nancy Pelosi has these:


And guess who else shares that trait? Little ‘Hitlery’ Clinton (the chosen, if Pelosi’s video above is anything to go by):


Very aggressive looking.

Just in case you think that reference to this as Yin and Yang is a departure for this Christian blog – these are qualities of people’s being. A man SHOULD be yang – males who are healthy display this energy. Yin is the feminine energy, which when in imbalance is very unhealthy in a man, and is much healthier for a woman. A woman should not be too masculine or Yang – you can see the issue here! Yin and Yang are just names which the Chinese applied to these qualitites, so this isn’t something to get worried by. These women have taken their male Yang energy to the uttermost – to dangerous levels. I suspect they both have demons in control of them.

Thanks to for this info – you can read more about Sanpaku eyes and see more picture here: Link

God Bless you



3 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi – does she know something about the potential for vote rigging?”

  1. A train is coming… Help is on the way… We the people… An unstoppable force vs. an immovable object… Demons are setting fiery roadblocks but angels are riding shotgun… Sparks WILL fly……


      1. God said Mannasseh (U.S.) would be a “great nation” and his brother Ephraim (Britain) a great company of nations. The slogan “make America great again” is interesting. I think there is prophetic stuff going on and I believe the world is getting a lifeline. There is apparently more work for Christians and the church to do.

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