Women – now is time to use your power to change the world

Don’t want war? Don’t sleep with soldiers.

Don’t like what the banks are doing? Don’t marry a banker.

Social engineering is not something which we can only have applied to us from ‘above’ – it is something we are free to apply in our own lives for our own ends. Better still for the ends of God’s Kingdom!

Don’t date men who work in the fracking industry, if you care about the future of any children you might want to have with him! Don’t date a (p)harmaceutical rep if you don’t approve of the policies of the industry! It’s in your hands (and your pants ladies).

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women's real power

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I hope these at least made you laugh a little – but it’s a serious matter. Reject that which you don’t want. War could be, right now, a very real threat we must face with clarity and decide how we are going to act.

God Bless you



4 thoughts on “Women – now is time to use your power to change the world”

  1. *world peace being very close. ugh what is wrong with my words today? now i remember why i don’t do stuff in the morning without coffee.


    1. Bless you, *Rae, you made me laugh – yes we should take our ‘boxes’ off the table! This is true feminine power, not degrading men, but perhaps raising our standards – if we want to effect change somebody must do it!

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  2. They made me laugh, though if a banker came my way… I’m not a very noble person 😥 but this post made me think about how much change would happen in the world if all women at one time but a lock on their box. I can just imagine world be being very close lol.


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