The 28 pages – the perfect psyop against the America people?

Oh yeah – now, take a moment, maybe (just maybe) I’m being too cynical here.

Hahah, is that possible with the level of lies we’re exposed to daily?.

So, why am I writing about this?

Well, I saw a headline yesterday over on SGTreport: The Elite Are Crapping Their Pants In Fear Of 28 Pages

Alex Jones at Infowars says the elite are cr*pping their pants over the revelation of the 28 pages which were redacted from the 9/11 report, but let me suggest another, more cynical, but, I suspect, on point viewpoint…

Let me suggest to you that the 28 pages are a confection of lies. Let me suggest to you that their whole existence is a massive psyop against the American people, ripe for a moment such as this. Let me suggest to you that releasing those pages, as some suggest will happen, is designed with perfect timing to perform one, and only one, task – to take the American people back to war with, say, Saudi Arabia. A war so all-out, that it will drag ever more into it’s thrall, igniting the touchpaper for WWIII. This has to be a war for which you will be willing send your sons and daughters to fight and die.

A desperate, povertous America was fooled once before – WWII. In ‘creating’ prosperity by building many armaments, well, hey, ya gotta use ’em, right? So WWII was something America was dragged into by the false flag known as Pearl Harbour.

I say all this with the deepest love for the American people – please don’t think I mean that you have been fooled any more than others – we are the same, and we have been lied to. False flags abound – just look at Paris – what a JOKE!

I believe the 28 pages is a manifesto for WWIII in the Middle East – the final war to end all wars – the war that will usher in the antichrist beast system. The third world war that Albert Pike wrote about: Link

That might also explain the desire to flood Europe and America with the ‘enemy’ – Muslims of fighting age. What better way to ensure mass deaths of Europeans and civilian Americans, and the total loss of all rights to freedom of speech, privacy etc. What better way to get everyone to consent to being chipped, if being chipped means being ‘not a suspect’ in a country where your enemy is within the gates.

Nah, it’s just my cynicism…

Couldn’t happen….

I pray it doesn’t.

God Bless you