My most viewed post might surprise you

I just want to put the most viewed post on my blog since day one into the spotlight for a moment.

Demonised otherkin and body modification

There must be  a reason why this post gets so much traffic. I know it’s been shared numerous times by those who disagree with it (hence the comments it’s had), but I also know it’s being viewed almost every week, and several times each time. I’ve never had a post come close for its traffic levels, and so to get back into the subject, I went and re-read it.

I wondered if there was anything to add to it after all this time? I could only think of one thing – of course transgender.

Yet transgender is mainstream now, guys! I mean, really – you can be anything you want (not yet a Unicorn, but maybe someday soon).

And who is involved in this travesty? But The Tavistock Centre – part of our publicly funded NHS.

transgender lies tavistock.jpg

Are they connected to the very same Tavistock Institute which has messed with our heads through its psyops since it was founded? I don’t know…

So very soon it will be illegal to state that transgender is wrong, that this is demonic, and that these poor folks need prayers, they need counselling, and they need a strong dose of truth, and not to be pandered to in ways which will raise their suicide risk to 41%

No boy who thinks he’s a girl ever is. No girl who thinks she’s a boy ever is. They just have a desire to avoid being what God made them. God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t.

Yet we also know that antidepressants have a strong correlation with transgender feelings,and I’ve written about it before. Link

In a decade or so we’ll have stall for the Unicorns too – and you’ll be clapped in irons (oh the irony) if you dare to so much as doubt the veracity of their ‘wisdom’

The surgery these folks want to have to become ‘themselves’ is no different to the black tattoed eyeballs of the demonic guys pictured in my original article on otherkin and body modification – indeed it will become accepted as a form of body modification, rather than what it is – a spiritual sickness mediated, quite possibly, by pharmakeia in the form of antidepressants.

We must speak while we can – because the gag is coming soon – we will be silenced on this as we have been on homosexuality. We will be stopped from speaking the truth because they don’t want to hear it.

These are the times we must remember that Christianity is repellent to those who have strongholds of evil. We can, however, pray for them.

God Bless you



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