For goodness sake – lighten up!

It’s been one of those weeks – very up and down here with rather more stress at certain points than I would have liked. I hope your week has been more balanced than mine! However the great weight God has placed on my heart for South Africa continues to weigh heavily – please will you keep them in your prayers and keep thanking God for hearing our prayers and answering them? I hope He hears my prayers, anyway!

So for goodness sake let’s have a moment of levity – can we? I think we should, and this will hopefully have you giggling like a kid.

Now I have to confess that this is an April Fools joke. I think however that it would make the perfect tool for a complete take over, don’t you? I can imagine we’d all be rolling around getting more and more drunk, and sounding like Smurfs while the tanks roll by.

Gosh my humour is getting dark these days! 😉

Ah well, please enjoy your Sabbath tonight and tomorrow – hug your spouse, and spend time with your kids. Pray, of course, and also rest. The battle, ongoing, will wait for a day – a day which is for the LORD.

God Bless you