Important interview with Bernie Suarez

This is worth listening to – he lays out what we have suspected for some time. This is a control grid situation – and the corporations are involved.

My comment is: In every way that we have debauched ourselves with demon gods, allowing satanism in the military, now also witchcraft in UK prisons (!) – we have opened doors and walked outside the protection of God. We are, as countries, giving room to the enemy, and we don’t even recognise that enemy. We don’t put sin away anymore, but exult it in magazines and films, and sell it to other cultures. Those who don’t want that are labelled as living in the stone age. We cannot wait to sell our sin and our evil to others as good. As a result we are under the judgement of God.

To repent means to turn back – we must turn back to God now.

God Bless you