Does Ntokozo Qwabe approve of the white genocide in South Africa?



This man is a racist. As a white who was brought up to DESPISE racism, I see what he is very clearly. He’s a racist. He hates whites. He is no better than any other racist of any other colour or nationality. I can only assume that his hatred of whites is acceptable to the ‘intellectuals’ at Oxford. This Rhodes Scholar who hates whites – well I have to ask: Does he approve of this?:

SA genocide3

Does he support this viewpoint?

SA genocide2

Does he think this is EVER justified?

white genocide

Please sign the petion to get him thrown out of Oxford:

Sponsor Oxford : Oxford University to REVOKE Ntokozo Qwabe’s scholarship with immediate effect.

If we truly have said goodbye to racism in the UK, we must say goodbye to Mr Qwabe.

God Bless you