An open letter to the Soldiers of Odin

I appreciate the desperation that all Europeans who are awake and aware must feel  regarding the influx of violent and oppressive Islamist ‘refugees’. It’s disgraceful that this has occurred and continues to be accepted by our governments. The issue here is that you, allying yourselves to the Norse god Odin, are allying yourselves to the very same demonic god that the Islamists worship – namely Satan.

There is ONLY one True God, His name is YHWH, and if you ally yourself to Him, and humble yourself before Him, He will fight for you.

Two factions, each being run by the devil cannot succeed in creating any good. Odin is a false god.

Oh and before anyone tries to tell me that my God isn’t all that – let me be clear, I have EXPERIENCED my God. He has performed miracles for me! Read the Old Testament and you will see how God acted – He was not a silent or inactive God, He was Mighty! El Gibbor! Mighty God!

I have witnessed my God – have you witnessed yours?

Who will act to save Europe? Will it come from two demons fighting, or from the very Creator being worshipped?

Please reconsider your allegiance – the very future of Europe depends upon it.

God Bless you



2 thoughts on “An open letter to the Soldiers of Odin”

  1. Soldiers of Odin is a deception designed to draw out and deceive the simple. The gullible and easily deceived will now be easier to surveil, control, divide and destroy. Wait for it. And those that will suffer the most reputational damage will be you and yours. Remember the work of Grant Bristow.

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