Another danger of the transgender push

A mother’s love… and a mother’s narcissistic desire to have a… girl? Instead of a boy? Yes, it could happen – or a gay son, rather than a straight one (that’s an old story, many decades long). Now? Now you can dress little Bobby up in a frock and tell him he’s a girl? Well you could – some children might just do it. To please you.

So what made me write about this? What made me come to the conclusion that a narcissistic parent might, however subtly, coerce or other wise ‘create’ a ‘transgender’ or ‘non-binary’ child. It was this quote from Ian Ogilvy’s new autobiography: (Link)

“With hindsight, I realise what might have prompted the question. My mother, I now strongly suspect, wanted me to be gay and always had. 

When I was four, she sent me to a fancy dress party all dolled up, not as a pirate or a soldier, but as a little girl in a blonde wig and party frock.

And a few years later, when we acquired an 8mm cine camera, she had me play the part of a winsome girl in a pink dress, skipping round the flowerbed plucking roses — and then shaking my fist at the camera, tearing off my wig and standing there revealed as a horrible, rude boy.”

Thankfully Ian Ogilvy didn’t want to go along with it!

Today however, society is run very much differently to when he was a child. Today it’s all about the self – and it’s narcissitic. I believe that this narcissitic culture is going to ‘breed’ a whole new generation of special snowflakes – and each one, each type, must have their own special set of ‘rights’.

However, we know that God doesn’t make mistakes – transgenderism should be viewed with both compassion but also with truth. You are what your genes say you are, and anything else is false.

God Bless you