White Privilege Conference: Being punctual is white supremacist; lauds cop-killer; blames Christianity for every bad thing in the world

Fellowship of the Minds

Founded in 2000, the White Privilege Conference is a yearly conference held to discuss a hodgepodge of leftwing hobbyhorses — those of alleged white privilege, racism, race, sexism, black oppression, racial justice; lesbian, gay and transgender rights; and Islam and Islamophobia. As of 2016, many New York private schools had students and faculty attending the conference.

This year’s White Privilege Conference (WPC), its 17th, was held from April 15 to 17 in Philadelphia.


As reported by The Daily Caller (here, here, and here), the conference this year was an exhibition of every variety of leftwing lunacy, including:

(1) Grades and being on time are white supremacy

On April 15, Heather Hackman, an “education consultant” (Hackman Consulting Group)  and former St. Cloud State University professor of multicultural education who taught future teachers, gave a workshop on “Critically Addressing the Corrosive Effects of Whiteness in Teacher Education and…

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