Stefan Molyneux – Why I was wrong about atheism

This is worth watching, particularly if you have watched any of Stefan’s other videos.

He makes some excellent points here about the Left. However, I will make the following observation. If it were not for the Protestant Reformation, and for all those who died (many who whom are written about in Foxes Book of Martyrs) you, Stefan, wouldn’t have the privilege of choice at all. You wouldn’t have the right to be an atheist, a buddhist or any other fath. In the West you would still be under the catholic church, and anything that disagreed with THEIR doctrine (not the bible, by the way) would land you in trouble.

Let us all remember that if it were not for very brave men and women who stood against the catholic church, we wouldn’t even have the right to read the bible in our own language.

We all owe them a debt of thanks.

God Bless you



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  1. There were many bibles written in native tongues before the reformation, Luther when writing his bible refered to 3 German edition bibles written long before he was born.
    There were 11 Italian editions, 8 French editions, Saxon editions, and many others, long before the reformation. These native tongue bibles were approved by the Catholic Church, some of these bibles are very famous. We have got to be factual, it’s important, otherwise we can get caught out at proper debates. Remember too Stephan is a trained historian.

    Love your work, God Bless.


    1. Thanks so much for your comment Matt – you’ve shared things here I didn’t know. I am not keen on the idea of any bible being ‘approved’ by the catholic church – why did they not want the English bible? Why were people martyred over that, and what was the difference between the volumes? Makes you wonder.

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