Reading the bible – a bible reading plan that allows God to speak through his word every day

I was talking to the Pastor’s wife at my local church, and she asked me if I read the bible daily, and I said no – I said I struggled with planning how to do that. I tended towards feast or famine with the bible – lots of reading on a Sabbath but not much during the week.

She suggested I try their plan – take two jars, and write down the names of all the New Testament books and place these pieces of paper in one jar, and write down all the names of the Old Testament books and place them in the other jar. Then ask God to speak to you through His word, and pick out one from each jar and read one chapter from each of the books each day. She said this way, God could speak to you through his word at exactly the right time during the reading of each and any book.

Since I started doing this I have felt immensely blessed. So much so that I decided to look up how many chapters there are in the bible, so I could see how long it would take to read it all. I found that there are 1189 chapters in the bible. This means that in order to read the bible fully in a year I’d need to read three chapters each day, and three Psalms extra each week. So I have asked God to pick out another Old Testament book for me to read from as well.

So at the moment I’m just finishing Deuteronomy, whilst reading Joshua and Ephesians – all God’s choice for me to read. It is blessing me – I’m reading them aloud each day (which is good practice for my voice coaching work too (

I’m so glad to be using this plan for my reading, it is leading me to all kinds of re-readings, and new-readings which speak to me daily. Today I am due to read the song of Moses, which is found in Deuteronomy 32, and I wondered if anyone had set it to music, and indeed someone has – some very talented musicians. This will indeed bless you!





So what plan do you follow for reading the bible?

God Bless you