What the media won’t tell you about the Cologne attacks – 81 men were raped on that New Year’s Eve

If you take a look and trawl through the statistics as I just have you will see that amongst the many many crimes committed that night (1,049) there were 266 rapes and sexual assaults of women, and 81 rapes and sexual assaults of men. This is just me counting by eye, and I may have missed one or two, but the question which comes to mind is: Why have the media hidden this from us?

Are they trying to suggest that these vile packs of men were only targetting women and that a city like Cologne normally has 81 male rapes and sexual assaults on a New Year’s Eve? Well that seems highly unlikely to me.

You can read the statistics for yourself (Link) – perhaps you can tell me I’m wrong and these vile crimes didn’t take place.

By highlighting these 81 male rapes, I am not in any way diminishing the crimes on women – this is a completely despicable, and abhorent crime whichever sex you are. I just want to know why the press haven’t told us, haven’t made these statistics clear so that we can see that frankly no-one is safe with these perverted and carnal people around. This is a small screen grab of the statistics from Cologne Police:

male rape Cologne

This is a sign of a perverted sickness – and worse than that a MORAL COWARDICE in the media to EXPOSE these filthy, dirty dogs who committed these crimes.

Islam is a carnal religion – death for honour and for jihad means getting to heaven, and so important are the 70 virgins promised to these carnal souls that they will even protect their manhood during battle to ensure it’s still in good working order when they get their virgins!


Yes. Really.

Why else do their women have to cover up? Because they are not taught any self control, and view anything ‘on show’ as fair game.

Watch the video I posted here for more on sexuality in Islam: Sexuality in Islam – Ann Barnhardt MUST WATCH

God Bless you