Manifesting the demon

This person, pictured, used to be a man, became a woman and then started to slowly metamophose into this demonic aparition:


If you go and look at the article (Link) you can see that in places, where this person has had scales tattooed on, that their skin has taken on a different texture. This is probably due to scarring, but adds to the feeling that this individual is manifesting a demon. Some say this kind of tattooing and body modification is a sign, of mental illness – you can read that again and again in the comments on the article. I say it’s demonic possession – this person is slowly changing into the demon which has possessed them. So many who have gone down this route seem to go for horn implants under the skin, and even scales tattooed on – it’s horrifying to see, as well as sad.

To see more of these tattooed and body modified individuals read my previous article on this: Demonised otherkin and body modification

Please pray for this individual – pray that they might hear the Gospel and come to know the Lord.

God Bless you