Foreign Aid – what are we paying for?

Well you can find any number of lists, I’m sure, of things we have helped the so-called ‘third’ world out with, financially. You can read some of the more ludicrious ones here: Link

We are committed to spending 0.7% of GNI (gross national income) on foreign aid, and yet apparently we are having to BORROW that money (probably because the giant corporations farming us now aren’t paying any taxes here).

So we’re borrowing billions every year to give in foreign aid – for what?


It’s that simple. We want to mould them, we want to develop them they way we want, and hey, if our cronies get some of that money for projects in those countries? Hey, it’s a good deal for the tax payer, because we get to maintain influence.

That’s all it is – the power to persuade and control the activities of those we would rather not see as equals, and that’s the bottom line. The new green taxes of the Agenda 2030 policies are ALL about funnelling our money into the ‘third’ world – yet they think this is going to be to their benefit. It won’t be – it’ll be to the benefit of multinational corporations who will start ‘projects’ in those countries and gobble that money up in no time. The locals will find themselves with even less autonomy than they have today (as will we all if they get their way – I mean Agenda 2030 is all about reducing our standard of living to theirs, how can you do that if you maintain individual rights and autonomy? You can’t).

If you are against giving 0.7% of GNI in foreign aid, you can sign the petition here: Link

Perhaps that will send the message that we will also stand up against the stealth taxes being brought in every day. The new carrier bag tax – the first of many ‘green’ taxes.

I think we need to re-name it the greed agenda, not the green agenda.Greed is what it is – greed and control.

God Bless you