Sweden’s self-destruction – the tourism industry destroyed for 2016

Oh this makes me so angry. Thanks to Zero Hedge for crunching the numbers for this – go read the whole article here (Link), and I quote from there:

Meanwhile, in Sweden, the toursim [sic] industry is being choked off by the migrant flows. According to SvD Naringsliv, the Swedish Migration Board’s move to transform tourist facilities into asylum centers means they’ll be no more room for vacationers – literally. “In some municipalities, there will be no hotel beds at all,” Lena Larsson, CEO at Smaland Tourism said.

Now ask yourself – if the government is paying for the rooms tourists normally rent (and let’s face it this will be at a very minimal rate, as ‘commandeered’ accommodation), how can the COUNTRY sustain itself, let alone the tourism industry? It goes on to say:

So there you have it, folks. An industry that brings in around $32 billion per year (and that doesn’t count the $12 billion tourists spend on food, entertainment, and transportation) is about to disappear entirely thanks to the housing needs of Mid-East migrants. […]

And here is the final insult: Sweden’s toursim [sic] industry employs around 160,000 people. The number of refugees Sweden took in from the Mid-East in 2015 was… drumroll… 160,000.

When will Sweden wake up to what is being done to them? When will the people tell their government ENOUGH! The Cultural Marxism they have been subject to for so many decades has been the perfect foundation for this final destruction of a very high-quality way of life that many in Europe would have wanted.

This is the end of Sweden – in a few years this will be the end of Europe.

God’s judgement has come upon them, as it is sure to come upon us too. Get right with God today!

God Bless you