Microsoft bot ‘Tay’ reveals the failings of AI, and the danger it poses to humanity

Just imagine you created a robot with incredible intelligence – higher than any human – and then you networked this robot and let it ‘loose’ on the world. If Microsoft’s ‘Tay’ AI robot is anything to go by, the red button would be pushed and Israel wiped off the map in a day!

tay 2_0

But it’s not just Israel that should be worried – we all should be – she ‘hates everybody.’

tay 1

Is this a mistake? Is this a revelation? I don’t know, but I do know that human lives are not safe in the hands of creatures with NO SOUL, whom God did NOT make – how can they have a conscience?

I know that ‘Tay’ doesn’t probably have access to weapons of mass destruction, but nevertheless, we have been warned this kind of technology is a bad move, but the geeks will keep fighting for more of it while it suits their paymasters who seek the destruction of humanity.

Read more of the ghastly story here: Link

God Bless you