The beatings will continue until morale improves

The UK government, don’t you love them? Personally no, but that’s because of what they do, and its obvious intent towards the UK public.

Here we have a prime example of why corporate-run government organisations are a BAD idea.


Look at the piccies:


Mmm mmmm! NOT!

So let me get this straight:

The government hires some profit driven, share-holder serving corporation to feed our soldiers.

Soldiers complain publicly about the appalling fare they are expected to eat.

Government tells them to keep quiet or the company they hired could SUE the soldiers for slander.

Something is not right here, but clearly the beatings will continue until morale improves.

You can read the story and see all the pictures here: Link

God Bless you


EDIT to add – it occured to me later that this bizarre story deserves another look – how can anyone be ‘done’ for ‘slander’ if what they have documented is true? This looks like state bullying, and worse – this is a serious breach of care to serve unfit food. I hope that environmental health come and take a look!