Indian Child Welfare Act strikes again

This interview is a must listen if you’re new to this subject – it is an amazing journey through corruption in the US today – here’s the link: Native American-held lands in the US to become a backdoor for Middle Eastern governments

Now today I see a case of exactly what this lady talked about, happening right before the eyes of the American public, and no one can stop the juggernaut of government crimes against the family. It’s tragic!


I quote from the article here (Link)

Lexi, who has only ever know the Pages as her parents, is one-and-a-half per cent Choctaw Native American. 

Because of the ‘Indian Child Welfare Act’ – a federal law passed in the 1970’s aimed to protect the best interests of Native American children – she must live with Native American parents and will be placed with her father’s relatives. 

She was 17 months old when she was removed from the custody of her biological mother, who had a substance abuse problem.

Her biological father, who is Native American, had an extensive criminal history, according to court records cited by the Los Angeles Daily News.

She will live with a Utah couple who are not Native Americans but are related by marriage to her father. 

The girl’s sister is living with the couple, and another sister will be living down the street, said Leslie Heimov of the Children’s Law Center of California, Lexi’s court-appointed legal representatives. 

In a statement, the National Indian Child Welfare Association said the Pages were aware for years that the girl was an American Indian but chose to ‘drag out litigation as long as possible, creating instability for the child’.

‘Quite frankly, when Lexi is old enough to understand what happened to her, I think that would lead to resentment of her heritage, not embracing of the culture,’ Rusty told ABC 7. 

Protesters spent the night wrapped up in sleeping bags and in tents outside the Page’s Santa home on Sunday.

98.5% white doesn’t count? Well I guess, if you listened to the interview, you’ll know this is not about the welfare of the child, but the power of the Indian governments in the United States.

Please pray for Lexi and her foster family – their hearts are broken today.

God Bless you