Trump versus Clinton – a match made in high places

I have a concern. It really hit me yesterday how a cruel deception MIGHT be playing out in America right now. I pray I’m wrong, but hear me out.

You see yesterday I watched this video, by John Oliver:

and I suddenly could see a scenario play out which would provide a one horse race for the ‘chosen’ candidate (not chosen by you, the public, but by whoever is running things behind the scenes…)

Picking on a narcissist like Trump is not hard – the man is clearly very fond of himself to put it mildly. This doesn’t make him a bad candidate – it’s far more honest to be a narcissist whose ego might prevent him from doing a bad job (?) than to be one of the 6% like Obama and Clinton – I certainly suspect they are, anyway.

However, what I realised was that if Trump versus Clinton becomes the mainstream match, it’s going to be a very destructive campaign. These two have both got long histories of bad behaviour (see how nice I am putting it like that? 😉 ) To pull out the stops and get the media to destroy one candidate, it’s more likely to be Trump they destroy, leaving only one horse in the race – Clinton.

Did you even know there was an alternative candidate? An independent by the name of Tom Hoefling, a Christian, no less. You can look at his information on his website at

If this presidential campaign turns out to be as amoral as I suspect it will be, then perhaps Christians should vote with their conscience, and leave the presidency to God.

What are your thoughts? Did you even know about Tom Hoefling? I heard him on Hagmann and Hagmann’s radio show.

God Bless you