Talking to my dear friend about organ donation

I can’t remember how we got onto the subject, but I asked her, when she visited me last week, whether she was on the organ donor register. She said she wasn’t, but felt she probably ought to, but when she had prayed about it, God told her not to. I told her to not go on the register, and tell everyone she knows to not go on it either. She was curious as to why, so I asked her straight:

Would you like an anaesthetic when your organs are removed?

She replied: ‘What? When I’m dead?’

I said: ‘You won’t be dead.’ Then I explained how most organs must come from living donors, not dead ones, and some of what I knew about it.

The public is NOT informed about this, and sadly because of this relatives of those who have been organ donors are unable to grasp that there is something wrong with the practice. Until relatives of those lost to this barbarity know the truth and take out class action lawsuits against doctors, against the NHS and so on, this practice will remain.

Informed consent is a MYTH in organ donation. Read my previous posts on the subject:

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It saddens me so much to say this, because I do not want to cause distress, but I feel that I have no choice but to speak out about this.

God Bless you



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