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If you’re going to be having any kind of surgery, even something minor, there’s a question you must ask your doctor or nurse.

They’ll probably want to give you something for pain.

And you need to ask if it’s called Dyloject. If it is, insist on something else.

Dyloject isn’t a pill or a drip like most pain meds. No, it’s a new shot the FDA finally approved at the end of last year. Twice, the agency had turned down the drug’s maker, Hospira.

But the company finally grabbed the brass ring last December when the FDA OK’d this med.

Warning: Experts say it is unsafe at ANY dose.

Next to nothing

The generic name of this drug is diclofenac.

And it’s been around for a long time. It’s one of the oldest NSAIDs out there, but mostly used in Third-World countries.

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