Who sold us convenience?

Can you guess?

I think the devil himself did it, and I think it’s a ‘con’ – my reasons may amaze you a little.

I have written before about using cloth sanitary pads, and the difference they have made to my period. You can read the full post here: Link

So let’s just see the scenario play out. The devil wants to sell you something (because if you have to BUY it, then you, or in earlier times, your husband, would be wage slaves with no time to think and question).

So periods are horrible aren’t they? So let’s sell women the idea that disposable pads and tampons are SANITARY:

moldy tampon.jpg

Yeah, that looks sanitary (you can read the article about the ‘bread mold’ on tampons and the manufacturers stock response saying it’s safe, here: Link)

Ok, and then don’t worry about the moisture retaining gel in the pads, that’s a proprietary product and so you’ll just have to trust us when we say it’s safe… because we refuse to tell you what’s in it. (Link)

Oh, and don’t forget that the lovely soft SANITARY plastic the pad is enveloped in is a potent source of endocrine dusrupting chemicals – I mean putting that close to your hoohah CAN’T be bad for you can it? That part of a woman’s body is perfectly designed to absorb the chemicals leached from pad plastics and gel crystal-filled liners. It’s a very vascular area, and so highly likely to do just that.

Oh and they’re bleached you say? Mercola has this to say: (Link)

“Furthermore, to give tampons and pads that pristine, “clean” white look, the fibers used must be bleached. Chlorine is commonly used for this, which can create toxic dioxin and other disinfection-by-products (DBPs) such as trihalomethane. Studies show that dioxin collects in your fatty tissues, and according to a draft report by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), dioxin a serious public health threat that has no “safe” level of exposure! Published reports show that even low or trace levels of dioxins may be linked to:

Abnormal tissue growth in the abdomen and reproductive organs
Abnormal cell growth throughout the body
Immune system suppression
Hormonal and endocrine system disruption”

But they’re so convenient! Really?

I cannot get over the fact that with home made pads there is none of that funky smell that commercial pads give off.

I love that my period now finishes on time.

I love that my period is only about 60% of the volume it was – it’s so much lighter, it’s really noticeable.

So what could be better – sell women a product contaminated with chemicals (even glyphosate, these days: Link), that makes her bleed more (so she’ll need to use more pads), and which messes up her hormones so much she’ll be bleeding beyond five days.

Way-to-go! It’s perfect if you really want to enslave women.

And what’s more, I recently started looking into no-poo hair washing. I figure if the difference between home made pads and commercial ones can be so amazing, it’s got to be worth trying to get the chemicals off my hair too. From what I’ve read on other blogs – women who have gone no-poo for many years – it’s the very same system in place.

I think we’ve been had, ladies.

I’m impressed so far after just one wash, using bentonite clay and vinegar. I’ll keep you posted how I go on from there.

God Bless you



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