Vaccinate millions to save 12 lives, but hundreds put at risk on maternity wards DAILY

340 reported errors on maternity wards in the NHS every DAY! 151 deaths of newborns and mothers in the last year and 351 seriously harmed. I quote: (Link) [my emphasis added]

“Figures from NHS England show that 124,143 safety incidents were reported by NHS hospital maternity units last year.

They included midwives not monitoring the foetus’s heartbeat, doctors wrongly administering epidurals, or emergency caesarean sections being carried out too late. The number has increased by 4 per cent on the previous year when 119,561 were reported.

Labour health spokesman Justin Madders said: ‘These disturbing figures show how badly new mums are being let down by this Tory government. Five years ago David Cameron promised 3,000 more midwives, but he failed to deliver them.’”

But don’t forget to clamour for the mercury laden shots for your LIVING children, your healthy children – because heaven forfend they might be one of 12 to die from meningitis. I’m NOT belittling meningitis – it’s NASTY, I just want some PERSPECTIVE here.

If we want to save lives, let’s start where the most can be saved with the least harm to others. Vaccinations are toxic and harmful – they are not a guarantee of immunity, and indeed may prove to be very harmful in the long term.

I only want you to wonder and consider for a moment why the press is whipping parents up to demand a toxic vaccine instead of getting them to campaign for safer maternity wards.

We’re being played. Saving lives is NOT the plan here.

God Bless you