Why? Why isn’t there enough?

My question to God, when I don’t have enough is always ‘Why?’

I can ask for more, but if I don’t have enough it might be more profitable (in the spiritual sense, I mean), to ask ‘Why?’

Where am I with God? What might be blocking my progress with God, or where might I not be in obedience to God? If it’s ME, I WANT TO KNOW!

No, of course, it doesn’t always mean that it’s me, or you. No, sometimes it’s God’s sovereign nature, and He doesn’t want you getting comfy and thinking you can have your needs met just now. Maybe He wants you to be more adaptable, or more thrifty. Maybe He is telling you to sell that ‘fill in the blank’ and use the money.

Maybe He’s prompting you to change direction, and maybe He’s just preparing you for hard times ahead.

But if it’s ME – I WANT TO KNOW, and maybe you should ask that question too.

I can always do my best to learn to be a better believer if God shows me how. However, if I’m too comfy, maybe I won’t even try to be.

God Bless you


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