Organ donation and the myth of ‘informed consent’

No-one has EVER given informed consent to be an organ donor. I say this because no-one has ever been informed that they won’t be dead when their organs are removed. If you were to ask people if they should have a general anaesthetic when they donate their organs, they would look at you as if you were mad. ‘Why would I need that?’ they’d ask. ‘I’ll be DEAD!’

Err, no, you won’t be. Dead in the sense of fulfilling one VERY narrow criteria of brain death – flat brainwaves – and a few tests for reactions. The problem is that the reactions of those whose organs are removed with only a paralysing drug to stop them lashing out, or jerking, are consistent with those who have reported being awake and able to feel pain during surgery.

I kid you not.

This is something NONE of us want to think about. We really don’t. We can’t imagine having an operation and being able to feel every cut and hear what the surgeons are saying. I don’t even want your mind to go there.

What we must do is put a stop to organ donation from living donors. Say no, come off the register and TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

Kidneys, corneas and heart valves CAN be taken from truly dead people, and these things are viable for a period of time after death allowing their removal without life-support.

Everything else – liver, lungs and heart for example – have to come from LIVING patients.

The public are in utter ignorance of the facts of organ donation, and I believe only a major class action lawsuit by families of loved ones who were in essence killed for their organs, will change the tide and make individual doctors, hospitals and organisations like the NHS stand up and take notice.

I note this quote from Exposing Modern Mugwumps, in relation sot SB 128, which provides for physician assisted suicide:

“Pro Life groups are alerting each other to the fact that we are receiving more and more calls from frantic family members whose loved one, in hospital, is being pressured to use assisted suicide and donate their organs to transplant teams.” (Link)

Again I say, this must be STOPPED!

Here I’ll leave you with a quote from a very good article showing just how little the public really understands about organ donation and brain-death.

“Brain death and the dead donor rule (patients may not be killed through organ retrieval) are clinically and legally accepted in most countries as prerequisites for organ removal. Yet, many adults are unaware of, misinformed about, or hold beliefs that are not in line with official definitions of brain death.

In a telephone survey of 1,351 adult residents of Ohio, in the United States, conducted by Dr. Laura Siminoff, PhD, and her colleagues, participants were asked to assess whether the patient in each one of three hypothetical scenarios (brain dead, in a coma, in a persistent vegetative state [PVS]) was dead and whether they would be willing to donate that patient’s organs.

Two-thirds of participants (66%) did not know that someone who was brain dead is considered to be legally dead and nearly 60 percent mistakenly thought that the respirator is stopped before, rather than after, organs are taken.

The majority (86 percent) identified the brain dead patient in the first scenario as dead, 57 percent identified the patient in a coma as dead, and 34 percent identified the patient in a PVS as dead. Most who said that the patient was alive were not willing to donate that patient’s organs.

Although the data in the study by Siminoff, Burant, and Youngner of public attitudes toward “brain death” and organ donation suggest that many seem to view “brain death” as “as good as dead” rather than “dead” (calling the dead donor rule into question), the study shows that understanding an individual’s definition of death is neither a straightforward task nor a good predictor of views about donation. 1″ Link

God Bless you