A sinful heart, or an evil one?

This article, which I came across today, is an excellent resource for spotting whether the person you’re dealing with is indeed a sinful and contrite person, or an evil heart, and it’s written for Christian counsellors in the main. I think it’s helpful, but please go here (Link) to read more, I’m only giving a short quote.

Below are five indicators that you may be dealing with an evil heart rather than an ordinary sinful heart.  If so, it requires a radically different treatment approach.

1. Evil hearts are experts at creating confusion and contention.

They twist the facts, mislead, lie, avoid taking responsibility, deny reality, make up stories, and withhold information.

2. Evil hearts are experts at fooling others with their smooth speech and flattering words.

But if you look at the fruit of their lives or the follow through of their words, you will find no real evidence of godly growth or change. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

3. Evil hearts crave and demand control, and their highest authority is their own self-reference.

They reject feedback, real accountability, and make up their own rules to live by. They use Scripture to their own advantage but ignore and reject passages that might require self-correction and repentance.

4. Evil hearts play on the sympathies of good-willed people, often trumping the grace card.

They demand mercy but give none themselves. They demand warmth, forgiveness, and intimacy from those they have harmed with no empathy for the pain they have caused and no real intention of making amends or working hard to rebuild broken trust.

5. Evil hearts have no conscience, no remorse.

They do not struggle against sin or evil—they delight in it—all the while masquerading as someone of noble character.

The original article gives bible references for each one of the five. I think this is an excellent piece, because at times we must simply be aware that evil people, tares if you like, are among the wheat!

There are those from the 6% who want to get involved in churches – I knew a man many years ago who said he was a ‘born again Christian’ yet his walk, and his actions belied this to the extreme. I wasn’t a believer in those days, so it wasn’t an issue for me – but it was when he lied directly to me, knowing he could (and would be in fact) caught out. I realised then, that probbaly everything he had told me was a lie.

As we walk through life, as believers, we are encouraged to love one another without measure. Let’s also, however, remember we are to hold one another to account, and this can mean evaluating our friends wisely and not simply allowing painful hurts to continue in the name of ‘not judging’. Let’s rely on God to give us the wisdom to recognise evil when we see it, and meet it!

God Bless you



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