More racism – and a warning

This video I came across this morning – I actually watched it. Yes I did, and I was disgusted and appalled! Why? Well you watch it for yourself, my comments are below the video:

Ok, well let’s start with the facts – yes many people were oppressed – yes MANY. Whites were slaves too. The Irish in particular (how else did America get to have so many Irish? They went there as slaves and later as servants). So blacks and whites were BOTH slaves, but the AAPF won’t tell you that. (Read more here: Link)

We see as the video continues that rocks appear and they trip up the coloured folks, and holes appear which someone had dug, and they fall in. No mention of low-paid whites at all, who are equally vulnerable to losing out against better educated people. They also show ONLY the white male making and keeping any money – really? And finally at the end the white man builds himself a ‘travellator of privilege’ and moves forward to win (even against the white woman who clearly is also ‘oppressed.’)


So what’s my beef with this?

First of all not only do I not know anyone who ever had an old-boys network to call on (and I went to a private school), I also know many whites who are living in poverty! The majority of the poorest in this country (the UK) are white – only because of numbers not because of any skewing of the state or society against them.

But secondly what really gets me is the ignorance of the video’s target audience.

The AAPF are dependent on fostering the idea of the oppression of blacks. Without that they’d be out of a job. If you think that the AAPF wants a ‘travellator of privilege’ for you because you’re black – think again! If you ever got that they’d be OUT OF A JOB!

White privilege is a lie fostered by those who need to keep blacks truly oppressed – and they are oppressed by the notion of racism and worse – white ‘privilege’ – which is pretty much antithetical to the American way of life.

So let me be clear, the AAPF want blacks to have a ‘travellator of privilege’ as much as the 0.1% want them to (or anyone else to). They don’t, and they are using anyone who falls for videos like this (which they probably fund as well…) to foment hatred towards whites. And that is really dumb.

God Bless you