UN claims invisible jailers are detaining Assange…

I have to laugh at Julian Assange. The UN aren’t laughing, they’ve fallen for his ploy – here’s the headline: (Link)


The UN says that Julian Assange is being arbitrarily detained. That’s equivalent of the criminal of yore, having claimed sanctuary in the church, saying the church (or the King) is arbtrarily detaining him. Julian, you are detaining yourself, as a method to avoid a trial for rape. You have taken this stance, you have stayed in the Ecuadorian embassy of your own volition – no one made you do that.

This is just another example of the laughable, illogical and downright partisan AND political nature of the UN.

Corrupt to their core, they seek, through twits like Assange, to influence governments and force their hand when NO ONE ever voted for them.

I know I didn’t, did you?

Unless or until the arrest warrant for the alleged crime he committed is removed, he will have to stay where he is and like it, unless he is willing to face trial.

God Bless you