Jezebel rides again – wives ordering husbands about

Ladies, I know we sometimes get frustrated with our men, but if we know our bible we know we are there to help HIM and to support him to make good decisions. We can help him by making our preferences known, trusting in him and letting God do the rest! Nagging only causes a man to retreat into himself. If he questions himself enough, he will become brittle, and then can become the very thing you don’t want – another child.

I have seen this so often – husbands so weak their wives can find no ounce of respect for them. It’s not God’s order of things at all! Here are two ladies who have laid down the law to their husbands – these are the typical examples of what NOT to do!



This woman gave her husband a permanent reminder of his status:



Perhaps she tought it was funny, and maybe he did too, but the message is loud and clear – she is wearing the trousers. Can you imagine how most women would feel to have a ring like that as a gift from their husbands? What better way to indicate your own insecurity and lack of trust in your spouse? (Link)

What do you think of this? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

God Bless you



2 thoughts on “Jezebel rides again – wives ordering husbands about”

  1. Yes, I don’t like it when women try to lead their man around by the nose, it’s definitely offputting. Some women emotionally manipulate men with their moods also so the other is walking on eggshells around them. I know men can do the same thing in other ways, not as much with “feelings” but other ways. Much better to have (love, joy, peace) trust, acceptance and gratitude.


    1. Thanks Janet. We see so many bad role models for women sadly, and also for men today. In many ways perhaps it’s better though that women have to make a real choice to let their man lead – it’s rather ‘anachronistic’ but very precious, and a lucky man who has a wife like that! x

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