It is with great delight that I can report this blog has exceeded all previous records in January. First you broke the barrier previously set – the blog had never had more than 500 views in a month, well first the 500 barrier was broken. Swiftly the 600 barrier was broken, and as of the 31st the 700 barrier was also broken. To have over 700 views in one month is very humbling to me, as I view my writing as a great responsibility. I am very grateful to God for this little ‘ministry’ – I hope that it brings you the information you need!

On top of that I have had visitors from 45 countries in the month of January – thank you to all of you who have visited, shared, commented and clicked ‘Like’ – it all helps make this a blog worth visiting for others too.

Thank you – may this year be a true year of outreach and knowledge for us all!

God Bless you