The 6% – putting it into perspective

This is going to bother you. It’s really, really going to bother you. You see, we think of psychopathy, and the 6% of the population who are that way, as being OVER THERE, not next door, not over the road, or down the street. We have swallowed the Hollywood lie that psychopaths are obvious, recognisable and always criminally evil. We never think of them as being someone we might meet. We have to get past this notion if we hope to protect ourselves.

If you’re a man or woman in your thirties who has dated, you’ve probably dated one. You may have worked for one. You may have divorced one. You may have employed one, been gazumped by one. You WILL have met one.

So let me give you some statistics, and I encourage you to do the very same thing for yourself and your local area, and post the figures in the comments section below.

My local council says we have 57,900 residents in our district. That figure gives us a total of 3,582 psychopaths. IN MY DISTRICT.

When you look then at the 18% who are psychopathically ‘compliant’ – those who take on psychopathic behaviours with a little encouragement – that’s a further 10,746 on top. The number of these who are currently displaying psychopathic or narcissitically selfish behviours right now is unknown.

So in the event the SHTF, in this district there will be 45,372 normal, relatively empathic individuals up against 14,328 psychopathic or potentially psychopathic behaving individuals.


You know they often say it only takes 3% of us to change the world? The 6% have done it already – us decent folks are going to have to make OUR 3% COUNT!

God Bless you