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This woman, with her nasty, small-minded, arrogant and ignorant behaviour is shown here setting a prime example to her child – disobey authority! I can hear her now ‘Who does she [the head teacher] think she is? She can’t tell me what to do. I’ll show her!’

Never once considering that her child might just be becoming as vile and slovenly and plain narcissistic as she is displaying herself to be.

God help the UK – with all the REAL issues we have got on our doorstep, this woman chooses to fight against wearing CLOTHES in public. Disgusting. Absolutely gross.

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to live in a civilised society (somewhere OTHER than the UK, then) and this kind of thing isn’t seen, I can tell you people now do this IN THE SUPERMARKET here.


Can you tell I’m angry?

I can tell you now, if I was in a supermarket and I saw someone in their PJs I would complain to security and ask them to remove that person immediately. If they wouldn’t I would WALK OUT. It is unhygienic!

Can we please, PLEASE have some decorum?

God Bless you