Monsanto Buying Heirloom Seed Companies


Bad News: Monsanto is buying up heirloom seed companies, including Seminis, which sells to Burpee. Burpee made a commitment to non GMO seeds, but who can trust Monsanto as a supplier?

Good News: Monsanto profits are down.

Bizarre News: Monsanto is trademarking the names of common heirloom seeds and anyone selling those seeds has to pay Monsanto a fee to use the name.

Disheartening News:  EU Environmental Council has opened a worm hole for Monsanto and will be voting soon. If you do not want GMO crops in Europe and live in the EU, please contact these folks.

Disgusting News:  Monsanto is destroying my innocent joy in perusing seed catalogues every winter and trying out new varieties.  I will not feed the beast.

Walkabout: saving seeds.

I have no control over companies like Monsanto.  The best solution I have ever come up with for myself is the Walkabout.  The Monsanto…

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