The pope is wrong – there is only ONE way to God

I found this: (click the image to visit and read the article)

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and it’s time to say it straight, and say it plain.

God is NOT a two-faced, or multi-faceted God. He did not say that cattle were food for the Jews and then make them sacred and untouchable to the Hindus. He did NOT say that idolatry is wrong and then say it was fine to be worshipped in the form of Buddha. He did NOT have His beloved Son come here to earth to tell us that He is ‘the way, the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father except through Me’ and then create lots of other paths to Himself. He also did not have his Son say that repetative prayers were of the heathen, and then say that mantras are fine.

John 14 6

I cannot make this case strongly enough – Yeshua is the Son of God – not A Christ, but THE Christ – the Messiah – the One and only.

I don’t know how else to say this, but frankly if all roads lead to God – the true God and not a false god – then the Old Testament simply wouldn’t have been written, because He wouldn’t have minded one bit the pagan worship of idols, would He?

This is another false doctrine, and it’s one I have seen with my own eyes being spoken by members of the congregation in churches with a deep lack of discernment. It’s got to STOP!

It’s time to be a white blood cell in the body of Christ! Attack that which attacks the body – false doctrine!

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God Bless you


I’m adding Truthstream Media’s video on this which is worth a watch.