The Hatton Garden Heist – a different perspective

A few commenters on this article (Link) made some interesting points which I too had observed:

gems 4

Interesting that this heist is considered to be such a huge haul, and no doubt some good stuff was taken, but what the police showed as jewellery they recovered – well it’s very poor quality.

Having loved gems for a long time, and studied a little about them, owned a few, and bought and sold crystals, beads and so on, I know just a little about this subject, but even I knew that these are poor quality gems:

gems 2

Most of these rubies lack depth of colour and clarity. They are the kind of grade youfind often in Indian silver jewellery, not high end stuff. And these:


These are appalling quality – they need recutting – look at their edges and facets. They might be nice gems – they look like Tanzanite at a glance, but they are very poor. Then there’s the tray of rings:

gems 3

Many of these are of a very old fashioned, and deeply unfashionable style, while the few classic ones are not high value, and have small diamonds. The police claim they’ve recovered £3.7m worth of items – where are the pictures of those? These are not they!

Why am I writing about this? Well I have long suspected that this raid, and others in the past few years are quite possibly big insurance fiddles. I can’t be sure here, because I don’t know what wasn’t recovered, and they have recovered some pretty things – see the article for the remaining pictures, but I just do not see evidence of that which isn’t there. For example, most people have photographs of their precious items – if not of the item alone, then a picture of them wearing it. Why have we seen no evidence, as presented to the court, of what is missing? What has been sold, broken up or melted down? I would have thought the court would have wanted to see evidence from those whose stock went missing? We haven’t seen any of it.

I don’t want to just be sharing suspicions for the sake of spreading them, I really think we need to pay attention to these things, because insurance is ‘socialised’ – we pay for every claim, through our insurance premiums collectively. I see no evidence of missing £24m of jewels and money. I’d like to see some, that’s all!

God Bless you