Germany, Angela Merkel hates you

I’m sorry to break this to you, Germany, but you have had appointed over you leaders who hate you. I’ve written about this before (Link) but in the case of Germany, you are now being branded ‘Far Right’ (a veiled word for ‘Nazi’) if you are demanding that Muslims not be allowed to enter your country and rape your women. Look at this headline:

controlled media

I want to beg you, Germany, DON’T give up! Don’t let these interlopers test the mettle of your country’s defences and find that you are going to allow them to influence your culture to the point where your women are not safe!

But why do I say that Frau Merkel hates you? Just take a little look at this brief video:

That speaks volumes about her attitude to you and everything you stand for. Now see what migrants think of integrating in your country:

So what do you stand for? What WILL you stand for? Just in case you aren’t sure what you stand for – in the eyes of a Brit, I see you as hard working, methodical and practical, proud and capable, cool headed and organised, logical and reasonable. Don’t let the ‘reasonable’ leave you aprey to these evil intruders into your country.

This video is an excellent commentary on the Cologne attacks, and worth everyones time to listen to.

God Bless you, Germany – stand strong and don’t be brow beaten!