Is ISIS creating an American/NWO puppet caliphate to deceive Muslims and the world?

Well this was unexpected – but a small suspicion and a little research yielded questions, and I thought I’d share them with you.

Flags with gold braid edges are meaningful – they indicate that the place they are in is under military or admiralty law. I quote: (source) – my emphasis added.

The Law of the Flag

This time-honored law outlines the way flags are used by all nations on Earth. Originally most foreign trade was conducted by sea and the ship captains would fly the colors, or flag, of the country under whose protection they would be traveling.

This practice continues to the present day. The ship, its cargo, crew and passengers are subject to the laws of that country. The ship’s master, or captain, is empowered to enforce the laws of the country of the flag being displayed. Aboard that ship, the captain was the final judge of the law. This is also why marriages performed by boat captains are legal and binding.

When the ship would go into port to do business, others could see the flag flying on top of the ship. That was the captain’s way of giving notice about which country and set of laws he represented. The others had to be willing to do their business according to the represented country’s laws. If they did not agree, they did not do business with that captain.


This is the term for raising a flag on land. Walls or fences around an area create an enclave, or enclosure. The rules of the country whose flag flies within the four corners governs the property and people inside the enclave. This is how embassies are established with foreign countries.

For example, if you are traveling in another country and visit the American embassy, the area inside the embassy walls is considered American soil. Everyone within is under the jurisdiction of American laws. Any flag with yellow fringe around three edges is immediately recognized as a military flag. At sea, these are known as Admiralty flags.

Traditionally, they are flown during times of war. During time of war, when an admiralty flag is raised on land, it is an identifying point for troops. However, during peace time, the military or admiralty flags has not traditionally been displayed in general public areas.

Which flag is legal?

The international community only acknowledges the legitimacy of the red, white and blue American flag as symbolizing the United States of America. The yellow-fringed flag does not represent the U.S.A. For example, if you enter a courtroom that displays a yellow-fringed flag, that is your notice that the laws of the United States that are based on the Constitution, are not in effect at that location. Instead, the military laws are in effect for everyone within that room. This is why it matters which flag is being displayed.

fringe flag

More information: Link

Now take a look at ‘ISIS’ – this particular picture is a very popular one, showing them with, what’s that? Admiralty flags? Gold fringed admiralty/military flags? Say it ain’t so!


Hmmm, do you remember this post (Link)? There’s a reason those guys amongst VERY few others have the gold fringed flags – like the tall men with covered faces I showed in that post, perhaps they are not ‘native’ to that region?

If those flags four-quarter a place, will they have created their caliphate?

Do you think they have chosen this themselves? Well it’s possible, but as so few of their flags have the fringe, I think that these flags could be the west’s contribution to creating a terror state of their own – a mirage to bomb, and a mirage to control Islam as well. Islam will be deceived into thinking this is THEIR caliphate, but what if it’s not? What if it’s an American/NWO run puppet caliphate?

Is this a stretch? I don’t know, but again I’ve seen that we’re being shown not only videos of ISIS gaffes – a guy trying to fire a missile through a small hole and blowing up the building he was standing in (Link) (and it makes me wonder how they are getting those – I mean really, HOW ARE THEY OBTAINING THIS FOOTAGE? That’s a worthwhile question). We’re also being shown their training videos, and these are rather interesting (you can see them at the link above).

covered faces and an admiralty flag

Covered faces? On men? And are those American style desert boots? Oh and hang on – that’s an gold fringed flag right there, being held by the guy at the end.

covered faces and an admiralty flag video

Again – covered faces and there’s that gold fringed flag. This is NOT a coincidence. These are conincidences:

pure coincidence

Are we being set up? A puppet caliphate is perfect for the war on terror which is designed to terrorise YOU. YOU are the enemy, not Islam. The public are to be brought low, destroyed.

Get right with God today – don’t wait.

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God Bless you