Mulling over Cologne and the question – ‘Why Germany?’

Germany has taken more ‘refugees’ than any other European country so far, yet this is very odd, as Angela Merkel was filmed comforting a Palestinian girl on national TV, saying ‘we can’t help everyone’ – this was in July of last year:

merkelThen she promptly throws the door open for hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘Syrian’ ‘refugees’ – mostly young men of fighting age. By early September, this was the headline in the Daily Mail: (Click the image to read the article)


So what changed? Why them? Why deport, or threaten Palestinians and a few months later, allow in Syrians, (or more accurately ‘Syrians’ because many of them are not really from there – some are Turkish for example)?

What’s the deal here?

Could there be a biblical significance in this? I recommend you watch this video by Joseph Dumond – it really sets out the significance of Germany to the end times, and neatly ties all this together (even though this video was made two years ago – prior to the ‘refugee’ crisis beginning). I think you’ll find it very interesting.

What are your thoughts on the current crisis – the immigrant behaviour in Europe – from Cologne in Germany to Norway and Sweden – everywhere these people have been welcomed, they seem to want to be given everything and take what they want, and rob and assault the men and rape the women of these generous countries. How long before we recognise that we are being dealt with by God in all this – that He has given us into the hands of our enemies?

God Bless you